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Outreach Program

​Builds trusting and non-judgmental relationships with women and girls working in the sex industry as strippers, prostitutes, escorts, or victims of sex trafficking through outreaches into their work environment.

Scholarship Program

Offers scholarship opportunities to women and girls who want to exit the sex industry and seek continuing education or new job skills training.

Assessment House

Provides a short term, safe, and healthy living environment for pregnant women and women with children seeking to exit the sex industry.

Intervention Program

Connects women and girls seeking to exit the sex industry with a system of care. The system of care may include the following:​

  • Emergency housing/program placement

  • Connect with a 4Sarah care team volunteer

  • Transportation assistance to appointments

  • Medication assistance

  • Food assistance

  • Personal care items assistance

  • Items for babies, todlers and children

  • Parenting Classes

  • Counseling

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